1 Concept Definition

The incubatory stages of an idea. This phase is concerned with gathering information and establishing design needs and criteria. It requires in-depth interviews with key management such as CEO's and VP's or assigned project manager to clarify vision, goals, values and strategies. A complete assessment and evaluation of existing brands and brand architecture is made to affect positioning and perception of your company, product and brand.


2 Research & Exploration

After an agreement is made concerning the basic project and its objectives, we research competitors and develop positioning platform for concept. Visual solutions are pursued, exploring the possibilities to distinguish brand recognition, landscape and position. Concepts are conceived. But only one will be born. We further research derived concepts to examine their uniqueness in comparison to existing brands.


3 Concept Development

The concept development is the fun part, the analog part, the sketch book and sharpie part, the point at which all of our concepts, brainstorming, and creative imagination begins to take on form. At this phase we present thumbnails and mock-ups of concept, showing various ideas, exploring the look and feel of the project. If any of the rough drafts meet the prescribed criteria we move to the next stage of working that up into a tight, more refined version.


4 Concept Refinement

From the analog to the digital world, the accepted design is transformed and refined, with minor changes, if any, which may include general formatting, typography, choosing colors, illustration or photography. Prompt executive decisions are crucial at this stage as it is the lubricant that expedites the creative process in approving and signing-off on final artwork. A final presentation is made before production at which point changes are costly.


5 Production

Upon approval, after final presentation, the project is prepared for production through the processes of finalizing PMS colors, vectorizing of line-art, and making all layouts and images camera- ready. Project is then put into production according to it's appropriate medium. Supervision and quality control is the key to this phase, since the achievement of the design vision depends on this final step. Therefore, we work closely with our production partners to oversee the process to the desired end.

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