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Mike Buggsy Malone has been a growing artist ever since he can remember. Living all over the world in Thailand, Holland, Germany, England, Hawaii, Japan and from coast to coast in the United States, has gratefully exposed him to many diverse marketplaces through various types of media. Every country showing its own flair of what works for them.


Taking the visual concepts and ideas that were constantly flowing through his mind and putting them to paper with a number two pencil and ball-point pen, was always step number one allowing him to see what works and what doesn't through trial and error. This conceptual process was extremely useful when he took interest in graffiti in the 80's showing him yet another way to explore color combinations and topography that would catch anyone's eye. From pencil and pen on notebook paper to larger medium of walls or water-towers with paint, a different systematic method was used to produce the desired outcome that was both pleasing and conveyed the desired message.


His continuous pursuit of learning and keeping up with the times lead him to the ever-changing digital world of computers and the internet. This merge of art and computer programs was a completely organic experience. His technical expertise of state-of-the-art programs allows him to create a digital venue that will walk the client visually through every step of the project process.


From freelancing to working at all levels of the printing industry, and designing ads for marketing campaigns, has given him extensive experience working one-on-one with clients, managing multiple projects simultaneously, and having the drive to meet or beat deadlines with high-quality results. Buggsy and GOT Brand Solutions™  has your best interest in mind.

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